Easy sailing 28’ sailboat, specially designed for the Geneva’s lake.

Initiated by Alain in 1998 the boat was finally ended in 2000 by a consortium of Seb Schmidt (designer), Olivier Luthi (boat builder) & Alain Marchand (sailmaker).

16 boats were built until today and still a reference, having a perfect compromise between upwind and downwind speed on both condition. Around 8.70 m long, but with a Carbon rotating mast and 4 beds for small cruise and with an inboard engine.

Launched middle 2000

World innovative sailboat with adjustable shrouds by hydraulic, forward canting mast with swept back spreaders.

A real design challenge for this class rules sailboat, completely rethink. Lots of famous designers have used her brain to found the compromise of excellence.

Around 1000 hours spend on research to push together high level racing experience, sail design and naval design to get performance and simplicity.

Launched on march 2014

Luthi 870Luthi_870.html


  1. 8th World championship 2014 ITA

  2. 10th World championship 2015 SWE

  3. Winner 41th Coupe de la Harpe 2015

Architecture navale - Yacht design - Naval design - Optimisation de bateaux - Boats optimization - Analyses appendices - Fins analysis

Luthi 870Luthi_870.html
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