1. Puce Since almost three decades, Alain Marchand sails regatta, from dinghy to maxi yacht.

        Sailmaker from his young age, Alain Marchand discovered the regatta rather late.

He is nearly 16 years age when he starts to race few seasons with a Laser.

Impassioned he dreams to become a naval architect, but at that time, at beginning of the 80’s, this formation was rather centered marine commercial and he decides to become Sailmaker by beginning his career with Gautier sailmakers in Morges, while following courses of architecture and naval construction.

He arrives at one key period of the evolution of this job and it is in this company that he carries out the first sails drawn by computer and traced automatically on a giant plotter, a revolution for sailmaking in the year 1988.

Young employee of sail making, one lends readily boats to him which will make the beautiful days of the regattas ABC (rules ancestor of the SRS). Alain discovers the east Lake on the Amethyst “Méphisto” of J-J Eternod, then on the proto “Omble” of Mr. Mr. Decosterd and the ocean on “UBS-Switzerland” at the time of a crossing of the Atlantic in 1985, but also at the time of three participations as Co-helmsman in the Tour de France à la voile in Selection.

In 1988, with Luc Dubois they become Vice Swiss champions of Surprise in front of 80 participants. Many famous sailors heads will race in this serie, Domique Wavre, Christian Wahl, Jean-Marc Monnard, Kito De Pavant, and others…

Multiple international Champion, he will have to wait until 2007 to finally take down the Swiss championship of Surprise! Through, it will take him hardly ten years of regatta to take down into 1992 in the Bahamas the World Championship of 5.5IC on board “Chlika-Chlika”.

Sailmaker recognized within Gautier sailmakers, become associated in 1991, he will draw more than 3000 sails, of which those of the multihulls of the lake, as formula 40, “Triga”, “Le Matin” or “Happycalopse”, a lot of famous lake prototypes or One Desing sailing class, winning many titles at an international level.

Alain Marchand



helsmann, crew, sail trimmer, performer, trainer-coach


designer & consultant for few saillofts, Northsails, Europsails, Incidences, Gautier


naval architecture, sailmaking, computing software


sailing, racing, deck hardware design, rigg sails & boats design

    He finally decide after 15 years to open is own sailmaking loft creating from 1998 to 2002 Incidences sails in Switzerland. In parallel, returning of the 100 miles of Lake Garda, he proposes to Olivier Luthi owner of the Luthi boatyard to develop the first monohull of the lake with a wingmast, well known under the name of Luthi 870.

He joined thereafter during three years, Europ’Sails sailmaking loft. Today, Alain collaborates with Northsails and others lofts with mandates of drawing for projects for the account of great sail makings, but he also and especially decided to privilege before all the regatta.

Since 2004, in fact exceptional seasons are happening, like the Décision 35 circuit as trimmer-performer and sail designer, winning in front of Alinghi, the 2005 Ferrier Lullin Challenge and the 2006 Julius Baer Challenge on board of “Okalys” with Loïck Peyron.

At the helm of a catamaran M2, but also in Surprise (winning 3 times the France Championship), in Esse 850 (victory over the European circuit 2009), in 5.5IC or Laser which he will win many championships. With the Monnin brothers, he sails in match race on the international events and evolves in the 15th firsts on the world circuit tour winning grade 2 and 3 and taking one the luxury opportunity to beat James Spithill at the World Mach Race Tour in Bermuda.

That does not prevent from time to time, to find itself on other boats, for example on the new Luthi 38 prototype “Canopus” for the famous Bol d’Or Geneva’s race.

But also to find an old dream, naval architecture, with in preparation a new 5.5 IC boat and a stage in a world famous naval architect office.

Known for his sympathy, even on water, Alain Marchand gives easly advices and his enthusiasm often carries out his crews on the highest step of the podium.

*source Nautisme Romand

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